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Extended Pursuit Crane Pursuit Marine Crane Remote Heads. Insert Car Process Trailer About Pursuit Systems..Motocrane is worlds first universal automotive camera crane system. The ATILIS base, ARMA arm and ACRO head make up the universal russian arm..Click the image to watch EC Electric Camera Crane Car. We’d like to introduce you to our latest piece of video and filmmaking equipment the EC E lectric . You’ve seen the first two spots, now here’s the third, a behind the scenes look at the brand new Porsche Panamera Turbo Camera Crane car by Chase Car Inc .The Ultimate Arm is a high speed, high torque, gyro stabilized remote controlled camera crane. It is designed and developed for extreme operating conditions and high .CARBON XL Page Zero Gravity heads can improve your Jib shots Move to the front of the remote operated camera crane and immediately switch to a front operated jib.Camera Jibs Cranes on sale at ProAV The UK’s leading professional broadcast equipment supplier. Shop today!.

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