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Park your car in an area that is accessible to a hidden camera. You probably can t do much to protect yourself against vandalism when parked in public areas, but if you park in a driveway, you can set up a camera to catch anything that happens..With MARC car camera, save yourself the pain, money hassle you have to go through when you get involved in a car accident. Get the MARC car camera with the optional external rechargeable battery to catch the culprit who vandalised your car..For example, if you re hoping to catch a glimpse of a car thief s face, you ll want your camera to be positioned somewhere on the dash board, facing the driver s seat, whereas any shenanigans you hope to spot in the backseat will require a camera positioned somewhere in the back of the front seats..The “best camera” is a police stake out meant to catch a serial thief. Any camera, running inside the car, would be a drain on the battery of the car and besubject to vandalism or theft by the thief. But in areas where there has been a string of break ins, the police are known to set up “traps” and stay o.

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